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Audrey Steinke

Fun Fact:

 Second hand shopping is my favourite way to buy clothes!


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Katherine Jang


I joined CUS Sustainability because I am interested in bridging the gap between Sustainability and Business. As future businesspeople, I believe we all have a responsibility to learn what we can do while also encouraging everyone to do their part.

Isabelle Quon

Why Sustainability?

I love exploring how sustainability is paving the way for companies to find innovative solutions in our changing world, especially in the tech industry.

BCom; Marketing

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Elizabeth Chung


I joined CUS Sustainability because I have have been curious all through my time at Sauder about how students can bridge the gap between sustainability and business. I have loved every second of my journey and this year will bring more opportunities to grow and learn more!


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Duncan McCunn

Conference Co-Lead

I would like to meet like-minded people and join a community within Sauder. I also want to share my passion for sustainability with others. Next, it's important to learn more about what sustainability means in a business context and how it can be applied further at Sauder.

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Tara McKendry

Conference Co-Lead

As much as we're all here to get a degree, I wanted to be a part of a community that strives to make a positive impact and raises awareness for sustainability, as it's crucial for creating a better world!

Finance & Internal Affairs

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Alexandra Bajcic

Finance and Internal Affiars Lead

I joined CUS Sustainability to be a part of bridging the gap between business and sustainability.


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Hardip Kooner

Events Lead

I joined CUS Sustainability because I want to discover opportunities within ESG while raising awareness among my peers. I want to expose the community at UBC to a growing and fulfilling career path while bringing narratives to light.

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Karen Shih

Logistics Coordinator

I love how passionate the club is about teaching students all the potential careers in sustainability and how they can incorporate sustainable practices in their day to day life.

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Abbey Prizzon

Corporate Relations Lead

I've always been very interested in social impact and CUS Sustainability allows me to work with an amazing group of like-minded individuals. Learning from companies in the sustainability field has inspired me to take action in this club!

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Chloe Oh

Logistics Coordinator

One of my favourite parts of my first year at Sauder was learning about sustainability in COMM 105. I joined CUS Sustainability to further explore my interest in the subject to see if this is something I want to pursue!


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Mary-Joy Do

Marketing Lead

I was looking for a club that aligned with my passion for environmental sustainability, held events that interested me, and gave me the opportunity to give back to the UBC community. CUS Sustainability hit it right on the spot!

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Jasmine Le

Design Coordinator

I joined CUS Sustainability because I’m passionate about sustainability and would love to meet other like-minded people.

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Adrianus Ferdinand Sunarja

Marketing Coordinator

Ferdinand is a 3rd-year Commerce student specializing in accounting. He joined CUS Sustainability to meet new people and to increase the awareness of sustainable business in the Sauder community.


Taylor Westerman

Marketing Coordinator

I joined CUS Sustainability to be more involved in the Sauder community and teach the student body about sustainable practices.

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Cara Hou

Design Coordinator

I joined CUS Sustainability to meet like-minded individuals! I did a lot of environmental  projects back in my hometown and was interested in making a positive impact here!

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Desirae Sidhu

Marketing Coordinator

I joined CUS Sustainability o help make a positive impact and spread our message. Some sustainable brands I like are probably Patagonia or The Body Shop. I am so impressed with their charities and believe in their social purposes.


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Zoe Prizzon

Podcast Lead

I joined CUS Sustainability to learn more about how sustainability is integrated in eco-conscious business models. I am also super excited to meet and work alongside students who are equally as passionate about making a positive impact on the planet!

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Julia Bricio Ballesteros

Podcast Coordinator

I joined CUS Sustainability because I wanted to be in a club that combines business and sustainability. I couldn't think of a better place to meet people who are just as passionate about the environment.

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Isabella Lee

Podcast Producer

After being a First Year Representative in the club last year, I really wanted to try out a new position in the club. I had such an amazing experience with the team last year and I wanted to continue working with amazing people!

Corporate Relations

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Rebekah Redlich

CR Coordinator

I joined CUS Sustainability to learn more about sustainable business and create opportunities for others to do the same!. I got to work for Pandora this summer and learned so much about how they are making the move towards more sustainable jewelry!

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Libby Seltzer

CR Coordinator

The government ain't got nothing on the impact business can have on the world. I want to learn more about, and spread the message that sustainability in business is feasible, impactful, and profitable!

Screen Shot 2023-12-05 at 7.44.18 PM.png

Carley Star

CR Coordinator

I wanted to find a way to combine my passion for sustainability and community while studying at UBC. I saw CUS Sustainability as the perfect platform to make a difference with like-minded people!

Screen Shot 2023-12-06 at 12.45.23 PM.png

Victor Nguyen-Tuong

CR Coordinator

I joined CUS Sustainability to promote and educate sustainability within Sauder. My go-to drink is coconut water, preferably from a coconut and the pulp has to be included!

First Year Representatives


Jayden Harris

First Year Representative

I chose to join CUS Sustainability to gain experience in multiple sectors of business, marketing, corporate relations and more. This gives me a chance to learn from experienced students and connect with like minded people, giving me a new system of friends

Screen Shot 2023-12-05 at 7.29.22 PM.png

Grace Tam

First Year Representative

I joined CUS Sustainability because I think it is so important to learn about how sustainability can be integrated into business! I also wanted to become more involved in the Sauder community and be able to spread awareness about sustainable business.

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